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The owner of this webpage is not a licensed educational advisor, psychologist, or academic counselor. Your graduate school applications are your responsibility, and this website is a platform for individuals to express their experiences. Do not make career decisions solely based on the information provided on this website. The owner makes no representation to the accuracy of the provided information, including the comments provided by readers and all of the links provided. Contact an academic advisor for professional advice. I, along with bloggers, are not responsible for the outcome of your academic choices.



This is a personal blog that I share with collaborators, and their contributions are indicated after each post. This blog gains capital through means of advertisement. The advertisements cover the cost of the website and 100% of the rest goes to support first-generation students.  This support does not influence the mission of the website.


Limper Science participates in Amazon; this company has an advertising program designed to provide a means of earning to pay for this website and the information provided.


Privacy Policy

This website does not share any information provided by the reader and user to a third party. We use information provided through cookies to optimize the blog to better your content and experience. 


We are not responsible for the further sharing of this content and the way it is utilized, regardless of our permission.

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